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Hayao Miyazaki - Shuna no Tabi

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The Translation

Departure - p. 4  
To the West - p. 22 
In the Citadel - p. 45 
The Raid - p. 62 
To the Land of the God Men - p. 80 
Tťa - p. 114

Disclaimer #2

    When I ordered Shuna no Tabi, I bought two copies--knowing I'd probably abuse one beyond recognition in my scanner. And I was right. As soon as I read that book--with the help of two text translations--I knew I wanted to try to make my own fan version--just without having to rely on text printouts...
    I'm sure that's highly illegal. I scanned the book open-faced numerous times, then relied on my Paint Shop Pro background to edit out the seam between pages (as well as my own scan lines) and retouched the Japanese text.. then inserted my own take on the two fan translations I read. So not only is my version illegal (as far as I know) but by looking at it you run the risk of reading an inaccurate version. I don't know Japanese. I compared panel translations and left words I saw repeated intact.
    I have no permission to do this. Should I be contacted by a representative.. Well, I have no quibble with removing these images. I just wanted to provide a service for anyone interested in reading Hayao Miyazaki's hard-to-find, wonderful little book.

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